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The word "Discussions" is missing from the Forum index page banner image

Hi there Unatarians. I'm using Protean. For the Forums Index page all I have for a banner is the image of the blue polyhedrons. Which serves no real purpose. The centered word "Discussion" is missing.

Could I have deleted this word in the Polyglot app? Where would I look to find a deleted word? Does anyone know the value of that particular field? Looks there there are about 300 values for the discussion forum. None seem to be empty on my instance. This value seems to be: bx-cover-title. But nothing shows up on the page.

    Thank you.

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    • Seems like you got it fixed.

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      • Thank you for caring, MD.... No, it is not fixed. Once you go to a particular post, you will not see the word Discussion. Is there a way just make the whole picture (banner) go away once you are in a particular post? I looked in Pages and Developer to find this graphic block but had no success. So, I suppose you would have to alter the html to be rid of it in the posts but not the posts index page. Hmmm.

        My experience has not been good with altering the html files. The updates seldom work afterwards.

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        • Yes. In studio, launcher, pages, click discussion on the left side where all apps are listed, then in box at top right select view discussion, then click settingp, then click cover and disable it.

          You can do this for all apps and  pages

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          • Hello banister !

            The cover area has been foreseen for the profiles and groups based apps but not for the text modules like Discussion. You have the "Enabled for all" variant in the "Cover" tab on your View Discussion page in the Pages app and that's why you see the empty title there. You may just choose "Disabled".

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            • I had forgotten all about the 'Settings' button.

              Thank you soooo much for taking time to clear this up.  I really appreciate your kindness, MD and LS.

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