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Need to seperate UNA Cloud Users from other users

I'm starting to see a problem that needs to be addressed. UNA Cloud Users may have issues buying 3rd party modules simply because the sellers cannot get access to UNA Cloud servers if something needs to be fixed. This can lead to fustration for buyers and eventually negative reviews...wich can deter developers from selling mods. I wish to see the apps market grow as most of us do. It can also simplify the way work is distributed for fixes etc and possibly create space for others to help those using other servers besides UNA. Maybe put in an option for users to add the name of their server host company on their profile so Developers can identify wether they can help or pass it on to an UNA developer. I also suggest opening a Jobs option where people can post work they need done and developers can take on jobs instead of us trying to hunt down people who may be able to do work on our sites. 

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  • Some of the developers are currently listing in Apps Market as  way of advertising but it might be better to keep it for apps sales and UNA use their Ads mod (with html editor) for posting developers that are looking for custom work. It would be a simple deployment, easy for developers to list areas of interest, photos, video samples of their work and site owners to post help wanted adds for site development all in one place. Sort of like a the old bulletin board concept. At least a help wanted for site owners if nothing else.

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    • Yes, I feel like the idea of separating Market and Ads may work out well. We see more and more non-app listing coming up and that’s great, but it does make browsing more confusing.

      As for showing a halting company in a profile, that may not work as we have many clients running multiple sites and some a mix of cloud and byos. Perhaps some form of access to files will have to be provided with disclaimers. 

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      • I just thought it would be nice to have one place instead of digging through the posts looking to make connections.

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