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Friends Finder Module

I just bought and downloaded the Friends Finder Module but its saying its not compatible with my version. Im running latest release of 11.0.4 and your app was updated Jan 2021. What versions does this work with?

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    • HelloΒ 

      Friend Finder 2.0 is compatible with UNA 12-B1 and higher.

      For UNA 11 you need to download 1.5 version from product's page -> downloads section.

      Best Regards
      AQB Sof Team

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      • Awesome so I can use the older version and then switch to the newer when the 12 VER is released?

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        • How would I do a manual install as there is not portal in my studio apps to upload. If you could share that process I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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          • I was noticing that Friends Finder recommends the same friends every time. Will it ever change recommendations?

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