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Page Not Found Error after Creating Class

Hello! I keep having the Page Not Found Error when trying to Create a Class from the Group. I have checked Permissions, Pages, Form Data and just about everything else. I think it may be something simple, but I am stumped!

Also, None of my data on the Timeline is updating. Example, there are new posts, new discussions, new Albums, and none of these show-up when I click to go to that area of the frontend. It just says EMPTY.

Thanks for your help.

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  • UPDATE: I have uninstalled the Classes App for now, and will try again later. My other issues still remains.Just for an example, I go to the site, click on "Discussions" in the menu, I am sent to the Discussions-home url,  there are two blocks, on "Latest" one says "Discussions with Latest Posts" and the other "Discussion Categories", both say "EMPTY". All of my blocks on all of my other items say the same thing. Except "People" which works as it should.

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    • After deleting the Classes, I have this residual.....

      In Studio > Settings, in the Toolbar on the left, there is a line with no image that says: _bx_classes

      Is it alright to go into CPanel and just Delete my cache folder contents? Not sure if that is the problem.

      I would like to eventually try to re-install Classes, but right now it just throws DB errors, so I am thinking i need to make sure to get rid of everything related to it first.

      I hate to have to dump it all and start over, after all of the work I have put into it.

      PM me if you are a super-tech and need access.



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      • Can I go to Studio > Ployglot and Search all of the Classes info and delete them?

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        • Hello SkinsandModsU !

          If you delete the app then all its keys should be deleted automatically too. What with your original request with links?

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          • Hello LeonidS, Thank you for answering! I don't think it installed properly in the first place, but the keys are all definitely still there. I have deleted the app after disabling it first. Sorry, I didn't understand the second part. You mean a link to the site?

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            • Here is the latest issue. I posted a new Discussion to see if it shows-up in the "Latest" or "New", it doesn't, although now the "Categories" is included. See the attached photo for the weird text on the right when viewing the Discussion.

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              • No, I mean your trouble with the "Page not found" message.

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                • It seems you enabled the "image" fields in the info block. Those fields are made only for add / edit forms only.

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                  • Thank you, yes after I installed Classes, I created a new class to test it. Everything worked fine until I hit the "Submit" button. Instead of redirecting me to a confirmation page, or to the new class, it went to a 404 page.

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                    • Thank you, I will check that.

                      Perfect, Thanks again!

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