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Memcache Setup


I've set up Memcached on our server, given it a lot of memory to use (4gb), and changed all the settings in UNA (pointed to localhost at port 11211).  But I'm really not seeing a big difference in peformance.  We've had a big increase in users in the last few days, and I don't see more memory being used on our server, but I do see a LOT of extra disk usage.  I wonder if it's not using Memcached.  Does anyone know how to tell or know of anything I might need to check?

I can connect via telnet to that port on localhost, check Memcached status, and see it has connections to it, so I feel like something is happening.  Thanks for any help on this!


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  • Hi again,

    After some more research, I found memcached-tools.  When I run

    memcached-tool stats

    I show it's running and has 10 connections, but almost no bytes read or written and 0 total items.  Running

    memcached-tool dump

    shows nothing stored.

    I assume I'm missing something, but so far I'm not seeing anything.


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    • Ah, got it.  I'll leave this up in case it helps anyone else.  The Memcache module that UNA uses to communicate with the Memcached server wasn't installed in my version of PHP.  


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