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The difference between SPACE and Group

The difference between SPACE and Group 

As I see it, the only difference between Space and the group is, that Space can be nested in another space, so it can be part of another space. 

What does not apply in the case of GROUP. 

If Space were something else, and much better and more useful,
then the properties of the GROUP can be assigned to it by creating a group that is visible only in the given space .. and done.

I expected that the SPACE will be something much bigger and more useful,
Which will allow you to group different items (Albums, Articles, Forks, Videos, ....) to some Thematic Unit, Events, Region (Europe, Asia, ...), etc.
If the space already allows multilevel nesting, then we would have expected a tree view of all SPACES

Everything in the SPACE should belong to the SPACE and visibility should be addressed individually according to individual items§

For example, an ALBUM, POST, ARTICLE, PHOTO, VIDEO belongs to SPACE is basically displayed in it, but according to the level of visibility

next example:

space EUROPE:
---------- space FRANCE
-------------------------------- space Towns
-------------------------------------------- GROUP of Beer lovers ---visibility Group Members
---------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Beer lovers ALBUMS
---------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Beer lovers POSTs
---------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Beer lovers PHOTOS
---------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Beer lovers SOME OTHER ITEM
--------------------------------------------- ALBUM Nice places in PARIS --- visibility PUBLIC
-------------------------------- space Castles
--------------------------------------------- ALBUM Versailes --- visibility PUBLIC
-------------------------------- space Nature
-------------------------------- space Culture

SPACE SHOULD BE SOMETHING   ""S P E C I A L"" not only copy of GROUP functionality

What do you think ???


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  • That type of functionality would certainly be a big plus to the UNA platform

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    • I see a difference between Space and Group in how content is seen and distributed especially secret spaces. I can send content that can only be seen by who is in the Space and I can make the Space so it cannot be found by non-members. Say I have a big website that has thousands of members and I want to send content that only moderators, premium members etc can see...I create a special Space for premium members, add my premium members to the space and now they have exclusive content that regular members dont have access to. Or maybe I'm a CEO that has employees for my website. As a CEO I can create a space that only my employees on the site can see..and visitors couldn't.Or maybe I have certain close friends that I do weekly activities with. I create a Secret Space and post content about our activities. My friends can can see that content without having to join a group thats private that everyone can stumble upon...

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      • Hi Will

        I think that everything is about two item characteristics:  
        1. Item belongs to/is connected to another item...
        2. visibility to...

        It would be very nice if UNA would be about these two parameters....

        UNA would be much useful and flexible and variable...

        Look to my examples ...
        or to this:

        I want to have SPACE Content like :
        1. Albums, Photos, Posts, Videos organized under SPACE, means connected to SPACE (Belongs to SPACE) but visible to PUBLIC.
        2. Another Albums, Photos, Posts, Videos organized under SPACE, means connected to SPACE (Belongs to SPACE) but visible only to MEMBERS of SPACE .

        Now it is possible to do only version 2.


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