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Messenger + Self Hosted Jitsi Private Server + Token auth

I have been working on setting this up via the OAuth server, and a self-hosted Jitsi server with a recently patched prosody to be able to use auth tokens but I still cannot get video connections to start via Messenger.  I was able to get it working fine wtih anonymous and even with basic auth as described in some guides, but maintaing a manual login database for lots of users is not manageable and too confusing.

Is there a guide on how to do this?

Are there any settings in Dev/Messenger I need to change?

Can I control access to starting video conferences and recordings based on Una account levels?

Would like to provide a private Jitsi server for my client's members, not the public Internet, and would like access control to be handled through the Una/Messenger platform.

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  • Hello!

    As far as I understand you try to use JWT tokens from Jitsi to enable authorization to allow only UNA members to create video conference (if they are logged to your UNA site). Right?

    In Messenger by default, there is standard integration and it doesn't allow to use JWT tokens, because it requires to have own server for Jitsi with special settings. At present, we can perform intergradation with JWT support as modification and may be include it to default Messenger configuration in the future versions.

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    • Yes, that is what I'm looking to do.  JWT tokens seemed to be the best way to get there.  If there is another (easier? existing?) option, I'm certainly open.

      I have seen some interest/similar requests when I was searching for a guide here.  I would be interested in more details on integration/modification and certainly would love to see them in future versions.

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      • Hi VirtualSimplex - we would need to establish this as a customised setup for your solution. It would require some payment for the time involved - If you wanted to do this, please send me a PM and we can work out an estimate.

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