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TIP of the Day: How to add great content to your site via RSS feeds

I just want to share a great idea with you, namely how you can add great content to your site via rss feeds from sites/social media that don't have rss feeds.

On our site we are featuring a women who make great cartoons on post-it notes. She makes a new one every day and post it on instagram. We wanted to feature her latest on our site.

There is a great site called rss.app, that generates rss feeds out of almost anything. So I just signed up there and gave the link to that womans instagram page (in the instagram app you can request the url in the menu). In return I got a rss feed link to that womans instagram page, that I could use in the UNA rss module.

You can check it out here if you like

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    • Thanks for this.

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      • Welcome

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        • I tried that by creating a feed for this website, but the links on the feeds go back to the original website. Instead, what I want is while the RSS feed is embedded on my UNA site, I do not want someone to click on the articles link and gets redirected to the site where the feed came from - not good.. I want my user to stay on my website, otherwise, I am basically marketing the other websites and not getting anything back in return..

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          • Hello AJ Fariss !

            If you have the links list you may add the Javascript code which will append the target="_blank" argument. In this case, every link will be opened in the new tab.

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