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I'm not sure if I'm sending this message to the right place since It's new to me.  Well, I wanted to know how to edit my templates Protean.  Because when i go to Protean-style, all option are in grey, it's not possible to edit them.  See picture.

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    • Hi,

      The Protean Light mix is a standard mix of Protean - u can´t change it, thats correct.

      U need to copy the theme to ur own theme.

      On top right side u see the button "Add NEW", use it, give ur them a own name and copy it from that theme what u like to use as Base. Change all fields ang colors and SAVE it. after that u need to publish it on top or members can´t use it.

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      • Thanks a lot for your help ! Now I'm able to edit the template.  Well appreciated.

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        • Hello N,  

          Sorry to border you, but I've been searching for a solution to my issues for a few days and I didn't find a solution.  Well I want on the Homepage to add a few items under ''About'' so when the mouse is on About then I could see a vertical list of other subjet.  I'm able to create new items but can't find the way to add it under ''About''.  Thanks in advance.

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