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My Experience since November

I have been using UNA since November and it has been a learning experience, since then I have tried all of the features and looked over the options I have in terms of page creation, layout and block or in page modules or application blocks, for html, raw and custom scripts. I realized that UNA has a dual application for use, one naturally being a social media site and the other being an online magazine or journal of user driven and defined content. In realizing the later I have developed that idea along pretty well with turning all of the various post viewing pages into website pages with sidebar content such as links and ads, as well as a search bar. So those pages have become a public access section of webpages with post and articles, and ads content.

I made a custom page for the Featured content and gave it the name of the magazine section of my UNA site, this becoming the magazine home page. And I used an .htaccess file to customize a short url to the page further down in the site. I gave the custom url the name of the magazine.

I chose an unique name so that it would come up on the search engines at the top of the heap which is does at Google, where it is the first listing, plus I wrote about it in articles at BeforeItsNews and created a profile name for the site at LinkedIn. These listings also come up under my top level listing so this helped in SEO and getting to the top fast. I expect to remain at the top since there are hardly any mention of the name I chose anywhere on the Internet.

My only problem I have encountered is that with several listed means of adding injections of code to the head, body and footer, none of them work?

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  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on UNA. It is great to see the many ways it can be configured and the type of sites it can power.

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    • Hello Dannie Jackson !

      Thank you for sharing your experience, it was very interesting to know. But may you please specify your troubles with injections? What errors did you meet with them?

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      • Well LeonidS it seems like I can not inject anything into the head section however I found out that I can inject code or scripts into the body section.  I am thinking now that this is the way this works, meaning I can use the body section only, since I noticed there is a module for injections in the store.

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        • Head Injections did work for me, but i found out the code needs to include the open/close tags. Per example, any styling needs to be declared inside of the < style > tag, any scripting code needs to be declared inside of the < script > tag...

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          • But what errors did you meet during the attempt to insert your code to the Injections->Header? BTW - some servers don't allow to add the Javascript code via web-forms. It is set up via modesecurity settings. So in this case, it's better to contact our hosting support about it.

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            • Yes, correct, as this section may have the CSS and Javascript addons, you need to insert the correct tags by yourself.

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