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How we created an online magazine for medical students and young doctors inside our UNA portal?

Hello everybody,

We Just made online the "Uykusuzlar" (Uykusuzlar means "the Sleepless" in Turkish) Online magazine for medical students and young doctors inside our UNA powered doctor's portal.

At the beginning we had 2 choices:
* creating a fancy magazine web site using the content management tools out of our portal
* building the magazine inside our portal thus allowing user interaction of the members.

As we are not IT professionals 2nd choice seems like little hard for us but We sat and start to think about how to do it.
As a result we decided to use the UNA's default pages app, raw blocks, macros, custom menu and replacements.

This way we were able to create it with user interactions.

Almost every article is a user blog and the owners may edit them directly from the magazines page. Other users may comment and react to magazine articles. This also gave us the flexibllity of selecting user blogs for the magazine and embbedding them with macros.
Our members liked it 😀

Thanks to UNA !

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    • This is impressive, you are genius guys 😉 

      Do you have a link for the website ?

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      • I will PM you.

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        • Inspired & inspiring as always Cem 👌

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          • Please send me the URL as well. I would love to see it live. I am planning to create a news magazine site, this could be a great solution. my email:  cloud@247mission.com  Thx !

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