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adding Items under About us


I'm using Lucid mix template.  I want to add more items under About us in the menu.  I can't find in discussion a solution or in the guide how to do that.  See picture.  Any help will be appreciated.

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    • Open Studio, Pages, System > About

      OR change "Yoursite" to your URL


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      • To edit MENU, got to: Studio, Navigation > Site Submenu

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        • You can "Add New Menu" 


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          • Hello Fine,

            Well I went to Navigation and Site Submenu. Do you mean I add new Item or Add new Menu because in Site Submenu the choice is new Item. By going to Menu only,  I was able to create with Add New Menu'' ''Donation'' but it didn't come under About in the menu.  See picture.  What I want to do is do have Donation under About in the menu. Sorry for my ignorance but I'm new to this.

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            • Hello caribman2020 !

              If you have already the new menu and set within + you already set this menu as a submenu for the "About us" to then you need to edit the "About us" point via the following way:

              1) add the javascript:void(); to the URL field's value;

              2) add the "bx_menu_popup('[the submenu name]', this);" code to the Onclick field's value;

              The submenu name can be known in the Studio->Developer->Navigation area.

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