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Og Tags Not Working

I added some share buttons to the View Post page of my UNA site, and at first they were working properly posting the og image and the og title of the post to Facebook and Twitter.  Then later the post title stopped working on the share feature but the post image does post to Facebook and Twitter.  So what I see now is the header image of the post and some of the content text in the body of the post.  Can anyone suggest what might be the problem?

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  • Hello Dannie Jackson !

    Well, the code of the post entry contains the of tags like "Title" and "Description", if the header image was uploaded - the image too. So it seems the problem isn't on UNA's end...

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    • I was trying to think of something I might have done to the page, such as change the page name?  As far as I know the page name is "view post."  I can't image what else I could have done to change the way the page is suppose to behave?

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      • Bu default, if the post has the title "Post 1" then the page title will be "Post 1" too.

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