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Og Tags in Polls Module

The Og Tags are generated wrongly in the Polls module. The image tag will go to the Page Cover photo (which is set through the Studio>Pages>Settings>Cover) instead of the Poll's Cover Photo uploaded to the Poll.

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  • Hello Scholar !

    From my side the picture uploaded to the poll isn't covered by the picture uploaded via Studio->Pages->Polls->View Cover->Settings->Cover area. If you have another way to reach it -please specify.

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    • When you try to share the Poll through social media, the cover photo of the page takes precedence over the uploaded cover to the poll. Try to add any poll, and upload a custom cover photo for it, make it public and test the generated link thumbnail here: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ you will notice that the Page Cover has been selected instead of the Poll's cover photo in the generated thumbnail / link preview. This is usually due to wrong og tags on the page.

      I've created this test Poll on UNA: https://una.io/page/view-poll?id=71 when I post this link to the debugger it doesn't show any photos at all.

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      • I checked my new post with Facebook and Pinterest - both work fine. Then I passed my URL to the FB dev tool - and it was working fine too. Your poll wasn't valid for the FB dev tool because: "Too small image".

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        • Posts work fine, the problem is in the Polls module.
          If you try my UNA Poll again (https://una.io/page/view-poll?id=71) on the FB dev, you will notice that it picks up the wrong photo -very small blue background photo- (https://una.io/s/sys_images_resized/3hu76mwmvmrhujjs85vzrqrckhrhqy7i.png) which is not the cover photo of the poll. This is because the Og tags are not set properly.


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          • LeonidS have you managed to look into this?

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            • I've checked your example. Well, for me it shows the proper photo.

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