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UNA - Please fix the basics first

I'm really not at all enthused that UNA is working on new things such as Live Streaming etc. because I really wish the entire development team would go back and fix the basics: 

For example uploading a Profile Image is more difficult and more unreliable in any UNA platform than all of your standard Social Media platforms.  It is a clunky two step process.  In all the other platforms that I use you simply click on the image and can edit it or upload and new one. The current UNA system looks very dated.   Also the cover image cropping is notoriously inaccurate.  

Groups could use some serious attention. It is also very clunky and unintuitive how it operates.  The Developers at UNA should spend one day answering all the questions that members ask on how to do this and how to do that. It's very basic stuff.   These things are more intuitive on other sites.   These are the things that should be addressed first.  It doesn't help any of us to have portions of our sites that look like they were developed 15 years ago.  

Facebook is the most successful platform in the World and many other sites have been able to develop platforms that are as intuitive as FB.  UNA should do the same. 

It would benefit everyone to Fix these things first and then go on to developing new functionality.

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  • Agreed with you 100%, there are too many simple, straight forward items in UNA that require attention, specifically the profile picture issue. If the basics are fixed the usability of UNA will increase adoption on an unprecedented scale for site owners and it will in turn result in a lot more recommendations for the platfrom. 

    UNA has become to accustomed to kicking the can down the road, in place of picking it up.  "Repost" to Groups, Events, Discussions is a perfect example of this, created in Jan 18, 2019 and now scheduled for UNA 13 next year in 2022: https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1931 

    Most of these basics will take the UNA team about a week, if they all got on to it at the same time.  

    Here is a current bug that is preventing all UNA sites from functioning 100%, and it is active in this site too: UNA 12 - Page Refresh Failing from time to time

    Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon LeonidS 

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    • Thanks.  I keep expecting things to be fixed on the "next" update, but it seems the fundamentals are skipped.  

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      • UNA started doing a webinar on teaching people the basics. As for livestreaming, many people have been asking for that for a couple years now and that is a huge step in the right direction for us that need to draw attention to our sites since many of us are paying server fees with little income coming back. UNA does need to go back and fix and update their older modules and I believe they said they would get to that after finding the appropriate livestreaming service. 

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        • It would be great to have a good reliable livestreaming ability, but I would rather have it AFTER having the fundamentals upgraded and working really well.  Based on what I've seen, My guess is that Team UNA will be working on livestreaming for quite a while.   

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          • Una team is working on both fronts -UX and, the must have these days, video live streaming solutions. They are doing a wonderful job, and i think it will just get better. We need each other... 👌 


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            • And we need to Prioritize 

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              • Whatever people pay for is what they prioritize. And that is good.

                I personally want both livestreaming AND quality of life improvements/fixes.

                I agree there are many things that can be re-worked, but livestreaming is huge for me as well.

                I paid thousands of dollars to UNA for quality of life improvements, and am planning to pay thousands more to get livestreaming as well.

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                • The problem with UNA is that they work unprofessionally. They release a bugy product and relay on our feedback for the next beta "hot fix" release, then systematically Alex T⚜️ open an issue on github saying thank for your report and it goes on and on. It happens every time a new UNA version arrive, this bugs breaks the site make our users go away and don't return making us lose money.

                  UNA code base is ancient in a manner of programing and rather develope own components they use 3rd party open source products which some has been decapitated, also this makes the site "clunky".

                  They are always in a rush and hurry for more things mostly copied from other platforms like spaces from quara, timeline from Facebook also messenger, reactions etc.

                  The so called "native app" is just an empty frame loaded with the original website.

                  So while Andrew Boon Says every time we are faster, stronger, smarter its is just a marketing move, nothing really changed.

                  Hope you make UNA better next time for good.

                  P.S app vendors products also bugy and not regulated. Some are selling bad products and don't returns to messages.

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                  • I agree 100%!!! been saying for many years! image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=4974&dpx=1&t=1617550438

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                    • And you misunderstood, Will Roberts.  it's users of the sites that I wish UNA team would spend time answering questions from, so they could see how basic the questions are and therefore how easily these things could be fixed.   It's NOT the owners of sites; we should already know how to use our sites.   

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                      • I absolutely agree 100%. I would love to see what we have already run really well before turning to the new.

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                        • I couldn't say it as nicely as others just said here (above)...

                          Mr. Pavel Sklenar read what was written above ...
                          Maybe then you will understand what I wanted to say in my discussion posts ...

                          After all, we all care about the best possible SW Una platform with modules ... 

                          And SW development has its laws and procedures ...
                          Just follow them ... and at the same time think about the requirements and suggestions from the users themselves ... not to take them as an attack on developers ... but as an aid in improvement and development ...
                          And it is necessary to understand that they want well for all ... developers of UNA platforms but also users of UNA platforms.

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                          • maybe it's because we don't have such UNA requirements and that's enough for us ... we are a non-profit organization for children .. but Mr. Hodor Hodor is right, among other things, that module vendors abuse others' ignorance .. for example  https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=6326  I won't throw money out the window unnecessarily anymore and it's that simple .. As for you, I didn't mean it wrong, I always try to help people, but as I wrote, I'm not a developer and unfortunately some things go beyond me..UNA for our needs works great and support or users always help..I'm sorry Pavel

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                            • If you have access to your server I believe the "change profile picture" Can be changed by adding a new display field in Developer App. Then in the UNA code you can change the button link 

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                              • I think the Apps market needs testing done by UNA developers and regulated to prevent broken modules or developers that may disappear for whatever reason. Need a Custom Jobs posting board so people can get custom jobs done easier, and a way for the custom mods to get onto UNA Cloud and tested there. Also starting to see that two different modules can clash with each other when bought by two different developers. Maybe UNA could create a special server for developers to upload their mods onto to make sure their mods don't clash with others. Crowd funded mods....said this awhile back to create a system where us on UNA can crowd fund the development of an app. Yes older apps need to be touched up on also, especially use of space in forms. A long list to fill out when some of the stuff can be placed side by side taking up less scrolling space. Outdated Messenger buttons and emojiis...

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                                • I would be all about helping to fund a better "membership module."   

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