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junk function js

<a class="bx-btn" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="javascript:oPaymentProviderStripe_8cffcc38e8ff28d97f232445fd2a8110.subscribe(this)" title="Rent for $199/month"><i class="sys-icon credit-card"></i><span class="bx-def-margin-sec-left-auto">Rent for $199/month</span></a>

how to trace this junk javascript function oPaymentProviderStripe_8cffcc38e8ff28d97f232445fd2a8110.subscribe(this)  in js files in una project folders

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  • Hello 

    Such name is used because a number of instances of BxPaymentProviderStripe class can be used on the same page. You may search for the object name in page code and find a place where this object was created and which class was used.

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    • Yeah Chetty I strongly reccomend you to use Agent Ransack program. Its easy to find any code from files content of selected folder. For me this thing helps me a lot

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