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Add Block and Page Backgrounds

UNA needs to look at adding features that allow more customization of the site. UNA is functional but inhibits creativity by most end users. Reminds me of a cookie cutter housing development.  Every third house looks the same except for the color and trim. Perhaps giving more options such as:

  • Page and Block backgrounds
  • Allow page to load a different template (since remix is possible one could create a number of theme variations)
  • Create simple custom scripts that can be injected into the page to change appearance. (script library free/paid)  I am not sure how injections work yet (since I decided 40 years coding is not my forte) on page setup so it might be possible already. Sample script x would change block background by admin replacing color code, etc. (Include instructions in script for changes or be able to activate/deavtive code blocks for changes.   This may be a feasible step until core code is changed.
  • Make all customization to scripts saved in protected folder that will not be overwritten during version updates if not already possible.

Even with this post asking for additional control over appearance I still would perfer a bug free stable platform over enhancements. Lack of enhancements can be disappointing but buggy software is will run users off out of frustration.

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