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Using Own Domain to Deploy UNA Instance

Hello, I have installed UNA on Pro Cloud4 using my own domain (explore.free-comm.org) however after adding A records "www.explore" and "explore" the site is not loading at all. I have double checked the IP address and it is correct for both records.

It seems I have not set up this instance correctly. I had originally created the domain "explorefc.free-comm.org" and then changed it to "explore.free-comm.org"

When going to explore.free-comm.org I am redirected to the domain I created originally: "explorefc.free-comm.org" (see the screenshot)

How do I fix this?

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  • Most probably you didn't create subdomain for chat, please add something like explore-chat.free-comm.org and specify it during domain change as well. If you have troubles with domain change please send me message and the messenger.

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