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Why are relationships so confusing?

No, I'm not talking about my personal relationships. I mean the ones in UNA... For example, I create a relationship from my brother's account to mine... shouldn't it automatically form a relationship from my account to my brothers once it's confirmed? And if I mark someone as my mother, shouldn't it automatically mark me as her son? Any idea how to set it up so that both people don't have to initiate a relationship request? And then separately confirm the relationship?

On the big network, that shall not be named, if you send a relationship request to your cousin and she confirms it, the system automatically knows she's your cousin too!

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    • I agree. And also the other way round if someone does not want to use relationships at all. Admins urgently need the possibility to completly turn off RELATIONSHIPS from all settings, menues, visibilities and others...

      I know one can turn off relationships between persons and orgs in studio, but the relationships still stay as 'choice' in the visibility settings.

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      • Why?

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          • Thanx Will. I remember this thread.

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            • I found relationships for me just annoying and yes it just was too complicated. I turned them off and took them out of all the menus

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