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Privacy fields, can change, but nothing happens

I did a clean install and ran into same issue. I figured out my problem and angers me through three installs. So if anyone else runs into this issue, I do a lot of multi profile stuff. Make sure you switch to the profile you are editing for privacy fields. You need to be on that actual profile the fields are on, do not just go to edit any profile from one.  I wish it came to my mind before, instead of after reloading and setting up my website again because I had broke it uninstalling persons module and reinstalling it. Caused database errors and broken modules.

I noticed when I set a profile field to allow privacy and I set it to me only, it will still show that information to other people. Is there a setting somewhere that could be counteracting this. Same with outline, it is showing all posts from private timelines. I have the timeline settings to only show public not things posted on peoples personal timelines. Anyone else run into this and find a solution? 

**Wanted to be specific, this is in regards to the privacy of fields. The main profile privacy works fine, just the field privacy, you can set it, it saves, but it is still showing the fields after. Yes it is enabled in the respective areas that is why there is an option to do it when you create/edit a profile. This is on two different UNA installs of the latest version. 

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    • Have you tried studio>permissions? You can also go to studio>pages>choose from the list of the left what module> from drop down menu "select page" click and choose what page>set privacy for each block there.

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      • The problem is the members privacy settings arent being recognized. For example, I have it set so birthday and location can have privacy set to those fields in edit profile. I have it set to me only and you can still see it on any account and logged off from website.

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        •  and yes Set form fields privacy is enabled for standard accounts and its selectable in edit profile so it has to be. Was answering from my phone last night. 

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          • Hello Kyle - MyVyBZ.com !

            Sorry, couldn't reproduce it from my side - the fields affect their privacy settings. Do you have the latest UNA and modules versions?

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            • Yes this is a brand new install since the last time we spoke. I went ahead and reloaded UNA to be on safe side with the other issues we discussed. Everything is up to date. 

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