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Hello wonderful people,

With the theme, what are the pros and cons of changing the Page Width from 1024 to 1920? Can Protean work with that width? In other words, will the panels display correctly if I change the site width from 1024 to 1920 for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices?

Lastly, why was 1024px selected as the default screen width for Protean?

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    • Hello Witches.Chat !

      The 1024px width is the most optimal for many cases. But you may try to apply 1920 too, just add a new mix and apply this width there. If somewhere it will not look good then just delete this mix.

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      • Hello,

        Is it possible to set a cover image as default across all apps? And, still leave it possible to customize cover for particular apps?
        (Sorry to post off-topic but I may not have permissions to post new topics, only comments. I have already searched for the answer.)


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        • Every page in the Studio->Pages app may have own cover. The default cover can be setup in the Studio->Designer->Cover area.

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