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Mobile App Issue Android Studio

I keep getting the following: 

\android\app\src\main\res\drawable-land-hdpi\launch_screen.png: Error: The drawable "launch_screen" in drawable-land-hdpi has no declaration in the base drawable folder or in a drawable-densitydpi folder; this can lead to crashes when the drawable is queried in a configuration that does not match this qualifier [MissingDefaultResource]

Ofcourse, I did the command which replaces the UNA one with my site one per the guide using cmd prompt. On my old site I didn't have any issues just with this new one, but I was using an older version of the mobile app as well. There are multiple variations of that error for the same thing. They all are the same thing multiple times. Guessing different size variations (When I click each image that really is not missing it shows the UNA logo in different screen variations). I was able to make a bundle, but wanting to make an APK to test like I have before, ahead of uploading so I know it's working properly. 


This is instruction I followed for the splash launch screen and it shows in the preview: 

npx react-native set-icon --platform android --path ./img/icon-android.png 

npx react-native set-splash --platform android --path ./img/background.png --resize contain  

I even tried doing all steps all over again. Do I need to go in and change all these launch screen manually or will that cause issues? Any help would be appreciated. 


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  • Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using the newest Android Studio maybe this could be the issue as well. 


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