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Stripe error - resource_missing - line_items[0][price]

Are any of you using the newΒ version of Stripe? Please let me know how to set it up.

Someone who is helping me configure the new Stripe version on my page got the following error message from Logs in Stripe dashboard:
resource_missing - line_items[0][price]

The value you passed into the price field does not look like a price token. Are you sure you passed in a valid token for a price you created?

If you are trying to reference a price object please visit our guide on creating prices to learn more.

Otherwise, if you are trying to pass a raw amount you can use the price_data field to create prices inline.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    • We have same issue and are missing sales.Feel it is a config issue. Anyone from UNA help?

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      • Andrew Boon Mark Purser Alexey I feel this is a simple config issue. Do you guys have docs to detail product setup? Only other option would be for us to enter all products on stripe side, then keep prices updated on both sides and process manually.

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        • Hello. Your screen shows that you are trying to work with "Points" and it's a single time payment. What exactly do you want to pay for / sell? May be the problem on the side of a module which allows to sell something. Price field should have a number instead of the word.

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          • This is from a platform points sale. Problem is in the API passing the correct info to stripe. We are working out with stripe and will pass on what we find.
            We have many products that will be on market, but for now PP is the only provider that seems to work in UNA.

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            • Same problem here.



              "error": {

              "code": "resource_missing",

              "doc_url":Β [STRIP€-URL]

              "message": "No such price: 'supporter-1-year'",

              "param": "line_items[0][price]",

              "type": "invalid_request_error"



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              • Hello
                'supporter-1-year' is incorrect name. You need:
                1. create Plan with Price in your Stripe dashboard
                2. copy Price ID
                3. use Β this Price ID as Name creating a Pricing Plan in Studio -> Paid Levels.

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                • That did the trick, Anton L. Thx!

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                  • Anton, I've another problem with the redirect, after the payment has been done in stripe test mode. My UNA system doesn't redirect properly and I get a http error 500. The level that should be upgraded stays the same in UNA, althoug in stripe panel it shows a successful transfer. What did I miss, do you have an idea? Pics attached.

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                    • Hello thomlin !

                      The error 500 has the traces left in the server's error log. Please check and provide us what do you have there in the moment of the redirect.

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                      • Leonid, thanks for your reply. I had - as usual - some problems with modSecurity and deactivated those rules on my server. Now it doesn't show any more active security rules, except of one, which I consider a master rule for vServers at my hosting server, because it cannot be deactivated. The server's error log still reports a security rule violation, which might be very likely the problem. Please see my current error.log in the attachment.

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                        • Try to disable it like described here https://una.io/cmts.php?sys=bx_forum&id=1440&cmt_id=5458 how it will work without it.

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                          • There's already a command in there.

                            <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

                            RewriteEngine off


                            Does the one you mentioned replace that one or should I just add it?

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                            • No, it should be fine.

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                              • When I add it, I get a 500 server error when I try to access Studio.

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                                • Thanks for checking my server, LeonidS. So far we know, that I have to talk to my server host, since I run UNA on a shared virtual server environment, that might prevent modules from functioning as expected.

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