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Looking for help running site.

Hey guys. I have a site that I have setup as a hobby. This is my first site and never got to work with anyone with a sucsessful site.  I have $1000's into it and years of work but I can not get people in there. I have been doing this by myself and I have never been any good at getting people in there and keeping the ones in there engaged. The site has over 500 members and right now it's setup on the UNA cloud. I know this is a lot to ask but I thought I'd give it a try by asking if someone with a knowledge in SEO and running a successful site might be interested in partnering with me with ideas to get this site going .It would be a 50/50 partnership and does have a potential to make good money with Google adds.

I have to guess that if anyone is on this UNA site they already has their own site or they wouldn't be here. But thought I'd ask before I take the site down.

If you would like to take a look at the site It's called www.cyclemadness.net

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  • Just a suggestion. Place ads in bike magazines. Visit local bike shops and see if they'd place ads on your site and help sponsor. Go to bike rallies and hand out flyers. You have a very good niche website but as for advertising it would seem that boots on the ground word of mouth is better than trying to boost website rankings. Have you tried creating bike groups on other sites and advertising in those sites?

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    • I looked at your site. You have done a lot of work and it shows.  I am new to Una but as a long time Web Design, Development, and SEO professional.  I might have some pointers for you. I don't know enough about your current search rank or revenue model to know if a partnership might work.  But maybe we could trade tips?  You could help me understand how you use Una, and I could provide some SEO recommendations.       

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      • yes that sounds like a plan i would like to look into. As for helping with UNA. I'd be glad to help in any way I can.  I'm guessing that you joined the site today going by the name Lonn Dugan Dugan? We can talk there if you wish. Or PM here. I go by the name CycleMadness on my site.

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        • John: Yes, I joined today. BTW: I fixed my name :)  Will connect further through CycleMadness on your site.


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          • Hi John:  Here's an Una question you might be able to help me with...  Can you tell me how I can edit main Una menu to remove things like Wiki and Albums?  I cannot seem to find it?  Or maybe you can refer me to the best official Una user group or forum for free testers like me? 

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            • Sure. Go to Studio > Navigation    then select Site Navigation. That's your homepage menu.        From there you can select what you want to enable or disable by clicking on the slide bar on the left.



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              • Thank John. You got me looking in the right place.  


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