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How to separate permissions for starting a video call and joining a video call?

Say we want only premium members to start a video call but any member can join it?

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  • Alexey - is this possible ?

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    • Hello!

      By default, there is no special membership action for join to video conferences. If member can create video conferences and participate in a talk, then it is allowed to him to the talk.

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      • Hi Alexey,

        Joinning or creating a video conference is a Premium feature. I think having a special membership action for it should be important. We should be able let's say to allow Gold members to create a video conference and we (UNA admins) should also be able to set which membership can join a video talk (Bronze or Free Membership). That doesn't necessary mean Free or Bronze membership can create a video. It will work as an incentive for them to upgrade their membership if they wanna create a Video conference too. You should consider adding this action ('Join a Video conference') separating it from 'Create a Video conference'. Hope it makes sense. Thanks.

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        • Hello!

          It is not so difficult to add membership action special for Join to Video Conferences, but it may be not so good for members who can create Video Conferences. I mean if member wants to create video conference he also should check if the participants have appropriate membership levels to be able to participate in it.

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          • But that's exactly what's happening right now as far as i can see. The person who starts the conference needs to make sure that everyone is premium because free members can't join the conference. 

            The intention is to make it so that only premium can start the conference but free members can join.

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            • Thanks for your reply. I understand your point but I think that shouldn't be a big deal to members who are creating a Video Conference. When creating a video conference, the system can grey out (or hide) the option 'to add a participant' on accounts/members which are not allowed to join the Video Conferences making it impossible to the video conference host to add them. Alternatively, the system can also advise the Video Conference host through an action denied message that that member doesn't have the permission to join a Video Conference. Isn't it feasible? 

              It is just like trying to invite or add an offline contact/User to a Conference call. Many communicators like Skype won't let you to do so.


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              • Hey Alexey , is this something that can be included in the next version of the messenger? Right now both creating and joining calls/group conferences is limited to premium members, but it'd be much better for the members, if only premium could CREATE them, but anyone could JOIN them...

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                • Hello! 

                  Thanks you for the details!
                  We will think over the all described issues above and will add solution.
                  I think, we can use Settings option which is available for talk's owner in info menu button, something like - Allows to join for everyone.

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                  • Hi Alex, thanks, but I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing.

                    Here I am (a  premium member) calling a non-premium member within the messenger. (premium INITIATING the call)


                    Now, here is the standard (non-premium) member, trying to accept the call - 


                    As you can see, a NON-PREMIUM member can't join an existing call. 

                    The intention is to allow standard members to join existing calls, which a premium member initiated.

                    The best case scenario is to simply have an extra option in permissions, to separate between - 

                    1) Allow to START (Initiate) video conferences
                    2) Allow to JOIN existing video conferences (1 on 1 or group calls)


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