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I have two Galaxy's, one A11 with mobile app (updated to 1.5) and one A01 (mobile app is not updated) and I see the same on both. Both only about one week old. Lucid template, Samsung browser on both.

1) On my Android app... When I first open the app with timeline post to timeline block showing I see five buttons with the emoji at the right side. See snippet "Emoji button".

After fully loaded the emoji button disappears.  See snippet "Emoji button missing".

2) After installing the mobile app I click on the "Record Video" button in the post to timeline block but to some members it looks like it's not working properly.  .Instead of the line after opening the app that says "We are unable to initialize your camera". So people know what they need to do..., maybe also add a line right in the middle of the screen... "Please enable camera in your app permissions". See snippet "Enable Camera". Members think the record video doesn't work.

3) The red numbered notifications are showing over the member menu icon instead of over the bell icon.  See snippet "Notifications".  This is happening on both Android and Apple.

4) Location not working on either of my Android mobiles but works fine on laptop and on a members Apple.

5) Mobile apps do not notify users of any updates available. I understand that the play store is supposed to be checking for new versions but it does not.  Can't something be added to the apps to check for new versions?.I see that l have members still using the original ver of my apps and I have had two update since then.

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    • Hi John Curtis !

      Like I requested here https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=8228 we still need to look on your mobile app.Or you may check all these points in una.io and our mobile app and compare.

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      • LeonidS  I have two Androids, Galaxy A11,and a Galaxy A01 - Using Lucid template. Browsers Samsung Internet. Mobile app link is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.cyclemadness.android. A11 mobile app has been updated to 1.5..The A01 has not been updated yet.  Mentions are working fine now with the 1.5 update but still having the other issues as seen above. I sent you a PM with login details. The site is https://www.cyclemadness.net/.

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        • Also this is the third install for the Android app and it has never informed users that an update is available..

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          • LeonidS   just talked with a member that is using iOS app. He says that he is seeing the same on the Red numbered notifications showing in the wrong place. The Apple app on my site has not been updated yet. I'll add the screen shot from iOS app.

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