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New Beta Layout on Protean not formatting correctly

On the new layout it is not resizing in Protean like it does on UNA.  See the following below: 


If there were changes to the original mixes with css that could be why. I will try to save the updated mixes and recreate and see if that works. If anyone else got same thing and were able to do a CSS fix, having trouble finding the exact area in CSS for this. So please share if you did find a fix and I will once I have some time and not working to do some more searching. 


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    • Hello Kyle !

      It looks like already fixed in the coming version, see the attached screenshot.

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      • Sounds good, thank you, I was looking through the github must have missed it. 

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        • I'd like to point out, however that 2/5/3 layout is not always the best choice for all blocks. It is likely that we'll rearrange the side menu block for homepage to suit a smaller column, but still keep in mind that not all blocks would be able to work well in such a small column. 

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