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How to identify pages from website in Studio

Hello everybody:
When I want to edit a page from my website in Studio, it's always hard to find the page I'm looking for. For example, now I want to change the order of the menu below on an Organization account page, and I can't find it in Studio>Navigation.
The menu is 'Dash, Profile, Settings, Add…, Shopping Cart, Messenger, Sign out, Friends'.

Is there a way to easily identify your Website pages in Studio?

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    • Hello caldopollo !

      This menu is placed on the Studio->Naviagation->System->Notifications area. The strange name is historic now :-) How to find the exact menu - always choose the proper module (System, Persons, Orgs..). With the found proper module the search will be simpler as it doesn't contain many items within.

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      • Many thanks Leonid. Notifications?! I would have never found it 🙂 

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