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I'm not happy with new update...

I'm not happy with new update. Seeing alot of bugs...Timeline feed blocks are messed up. I usually don't complain but I just spent weeks trying to have my site setup perfect and when I updated to go work on it some more....I see alot of bugs and features I actually wanted to keep suddenly missing....I wish I could revert to 12.0 again. Please leave the Timeline Blocks alone....please don't re-structure them. I also have other stuff that's broken like the User Albums Block. It's just frustrating to have to constantly report new bugs and wait. 

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    • Hello Will Roberts !

      May you please specify how did you perform the upgrade and did you upgrade all installed modules?

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      • the upgrade was done through Studio and all upgraded modules were installed. User Albums block isnt functioning correctly anymore, Timeline Feed Block that lets you switch between Feed, Public, and Hot is gone. 

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        • Will Roberts next time brother, perform a back up homie. Sorry for what happened.

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          • My predecessor left me the biggest note when it came to UNA updates: Always do a back-up, deploy that back-up on temporary servers and run the updates. 

            Make sure everything is the way you want it before sending the updates live.  

            Sorry to hear that you are experiencing troubles with 12.1 

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            • Hope you get help you need.  That's a real pain. 

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