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Timeline: add ability to tag other users on feed post (mention)#3416

This is an important feature in a regular Social community. Members should be able to tag each other during feed posting.

Add possibility to actually tag members as recipients on post as done on fbk (see header screenshot: author "is with" recipients on post). When tagged on a post , tagged members should share post id as recipients as same with post author so that post should appear on all tagged members timeline.

UNA Alex T⚜️ please give priority to this in v13

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    • Agreed fully

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      • I think it doesn't take so much to implement as we already have similar framework used in "conversation module"..we Just need to tag member using the recipients field do that all tagged recipients will share post Id so that it's seen on all tagged recipients timelines. See attached screenshot: Alex T⚜️ Andrew 


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