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Slow Mobile App Load time: web version loads faster than mobile app version

It has occurred to me that on opening mobile app, it's homepage load time takes more seconds than web browser load Time. In reality, app versions should load faster than web browsing, but for una, it's quite the opposite. It's already a great job seeing web versions load 10x faster than previous versions but in the case of mobile apps (especially Android App), it loads slower than browser.

Alex T⚜️ Andrew  Please give priority to making mobile app homepage (first) load time faster, especially for the Android app.

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    • The menu bar takes more time to load and loading indicator keeps rolling for about 10s....compared to web app which takes about 3s load time

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      • I agree. In all reality I am a bit disappointed in the app all together. All it is, is a web-based app within a frame type setup. It has really no extended abilities, over just using the web and going to the site in the first place. It's not really a app at all.

        And yes it is very slow over website. I'm not impressed. I totally expected a total app, that was unique from the website... Maybe kind of like Facebooks app is from there actual site.

        Another thing that should happen is a separate messenger app, like Facebook has done...

        The app seriously needs some addressing and updating

        just some thoughts guys...

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        • The latest version of mobile app should load about the same, there is no much control over webview in the app, however after updating all components we see noticeable speed improvements like in the latest version.

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          • Actually the app adds some additional functionality which isn't available in the web version, such as Push notifications and Video calls.

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            • The Android App is great loads really fast, 2x faster than the Apple App!!!!

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              • All loads work fine except for start up load time. When the app is freshly open it takes quite some time to load homepage. First it loads the menu bars, then takes around 6-8 seconds further to load homepage feeds. In total, takes around 12-13 seconds to load homepage compared to web which takes around 4-5 seconds. Same slow startup Load time on homepage has been observed on una app for Android as well. Alex T⚜️ 

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                • Una Android App crashes on trying to make video calls Via messenger chat Alex T⚜️ Alexey 

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