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Initial Configuration and Setup

Hi,  I am obviously new to UNA and trying to get my install set up and going, but having a very difficult time in doing so.  

I was wondering if anyone here might have a link or information that covers the actual setup and initial entry process of setting up the system.  I have searched everywhere and I cannot find a shred of information regarding setup, only what UNA is capable of.

The START GUIDE, which is on the sidebar of this forum, obviously doesn't cover any of these issues.

I am assuming that I have something not configured or working properly since my Logos for the main page are not working.  Secondly, I have not found a way to even begin a page on this, since there aren't any instructions as to how to proceed from the initial install.  I have to assume that there is some documentation covering this since everyone here is up and going. ;-)  

I have it beta installed at https://www.h2oherb.com/  Once I get everything working and figured out, I will be moving it to its permanent home.

Thanks in advance for any and all help someone might be able to share with me.  


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    • Hello Dwight Williams !

      Welcome aboard! All info about UNA's setup you may find here https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki#getting-started

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      • Dwight Williams  Starting a new page is done in studio, pages module.

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        • Welcome to UNA Dwight Williams ! :) let me know if you need assistance setting up your site.

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