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Blank Screen on join

So I have had 5 people join today, that I manually had to add, due to when they finish initial join, it then goes to a blank page, which the only way around is to refresh, but.... Once you refresh, it takes you to your profile, but the cover, primary profile pic and all the links next to that do not display.

ALSO: when people go to create albums and add there pics before submitting, the pics only show placeholders, and you cannot refresh, click submit or do anything on the site because it hangs in the albums creation page. It literally takes up to 15 minutes sometimes to finally get it to create album. I have experimented with it for a day. 

So it goes like this:

  • Someone creates profile - Gets blank page
  • I go in and manually add them by refreshing page, which then now takes you to a profile page missing most information, (Profile pic, cover, links) then I refresh again, then it all comes through.
  • Then from there I notify them so they can finish

Then some of them want to obviously add picture albums:

  • They create and then add there pics with the upload feature like normal, but...
  • Most of the pics now come up as placeholder with no imaging.

At this point you try to click submit or delete pictures but all you get is a Hang for up to 15 minutes. Refreshing, deleting browsing history does nothing to help... You just have to wait.

I need this addressed asap. This is an issue no member wants to be up against. Therefore will drive away future joining members.

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    • Hello Jake Arsenault !

      We may wait your upgrade part of the mentioned module or you may disable it for now.

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      • Ok I got in touch with Modzzz, he is updating his modules as we speak. I did go and disable the 3 modules in question, which now has corrected the problems we have been dealing with. (Album creation and join issue)

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