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Way back when I had my BoonEx Dolphin community there was a ‘Sites’ module available which allowed members to list their personal and business websites. I can’t remember if this was a BoonEx module or a third-party module. I would love to see someone build this and make available in the market. Right now I am using the  ‘Pages’  app but I would really like to free that up to make available to the community members. Jerome Mingo 

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    • Yes, there was a default one for Boonex and I also had an extended version. Anyone else interested in the Sites App?

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      • I thought so. I had purchased a ton of your apps. I just tried to login to BoonEx to check but I see it’s no longer available. I thought it was going to be open until December 2023.

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        • Boonex site is still available. I just logged in.

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          • Strange! I was unable to login trying all their links after doing a Google search.

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            • I don't remember if it was an app but I do vaguely remember my users being able to list their sites on their profile pages? I bought the pages module for UNA but it really lacked so many features that I doubt anyone would actually be interested in it so I disabled it. 

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              • I didn’t like it either and disabled it but I just enabled it a few days ago and it seems to do what I need for the time being for websites. I think it may have been updated a few times since I first purchased it. I will send you a link so you can check it out.

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                • It’s strange. I downloaded the Google chrome browser onto my iPhone and I’m able to access the site. I am unable to access it with the default browser on iPhone.

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