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More Pages options besides Profile and Organization

Maybe in a future update a couple more pages options could be created besides Profile and Organization. Media Page, Business Page, or a new concept page that allows the user to only see certain content and not Friends/Followers posts. Media Page would have a special layout that makes it easier for journalists and reporters to see other media but also update their own. Business page would also have a separate layout that keeps track of followers/subscribers, products, and Business related content like channels or hashtags. New Concept Page would allow users to not add Friends or have followers but would allow the page user to only follow groups, events, channels and other non Profile pages. This page would be useful for users not interested in having friends or followers but interested in watching their favorite videos, channel content, songs, pictures etc. This page would also have no payment system tied to it so the link can be shared for others to view. 

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    • Love this Idea. And it would be nice to be able to make and build any of these without connecting it to a profile, sorta like Facebook does. Or at least be able to hide the admin or creator. You should actually have a additional way to join right on the home page at log in. Lets say you wanna create a company page... You'd would create/join the UNA site as a administrator for the page, and have the option to connect it to a profile if you choose. This way there is no harassments from the created page to a specific person or profile.

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