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Add New Optional Email Field for Persons/Organization to use instead of Account Email

When creating multiple profiles in one account....its not okay using same email for all profiles. There should be an option to use alternative email instead of account email for profile just like setting up paying with cash which gives option to use different email per profile instead of default email. This very useful if i want to create multiple business profile in 1 account, i can just specify a different email for each profile so email notifications are directed to specified profiles according to new email field used per profile. Andrey Yasko Alex T⚜️ 

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    • Hello Stephen-Mystic Inam  !

      Well, as the email is the main identifier field for now, it makes the task not so simple. Especially when you have easy possibility to create a new account.

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      • Ya..I get. I feel if we could find a way to redirect default account email to a new specified email per profile

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        • It's not easy to manage several account login in & out when 1 can easy switch profiles.

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