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Latest UNA.IO Style Mix for Lucid Template

Hi Andrey Yasko LeonidS and the UNA Team,

Please could you share the latest UNA.IO style mix for Lucid Template (the updated version), the one currently being used on UNA.io (UNA 12.1.0, September 2021 )? I would like my site to look like the actual UNA.io

IMHO Lucid is just the best UNA template for a modern social network.

There is a similar topicΒ here: but it's for an old UNA.io version.

Thanks in advance!

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    • I would like this Style Mix as well.Β 

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      • Hi all!

        The UNA.io mix for the current 12.1 version:

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        • Do you know what LeonidS ? You are just awesome! Thank you soooo muchhhh for sharing the UNA.io mix for the 12.1 version. I am very happy.☺ 

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          • By the way, can we rename the file to 'una-io-2021.json' and edit it to: "name":"UNA-IO-2021","title":"UNA.IO 2021 - v12.1.0" before importing? We would just want to get things updated and well-described.

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            • Yes, you may change the name parameter in this file.

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              • Great. Thx.

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                • I have imported to the site the UNA.io mix you published here but unfortunately it seems to me you shared with us an old UNA.io mix. It is not to the current UNA.io as we asked you LeonidSΒ 

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                  • May you plz specify the points directed you to this conclusion? I have exported it definitely from here.

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                    • I am sorry for my frustation. Maybe I don't understand how mix work. I have thought that just importing the mix will make the site look like UNA.io (navigation icons and font weight, lines etc). Please correct me if I am wrong. Beside the mix, is there any other style change to apply somewhere to make the site look like UNA.io? I appreciate your understanding and help.

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                      • No, the mix contains all info about sizes, fonts, icons, pictures used on the site. It doesn't store any blocks, title and similar info from apps.

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                        • IMHO Lucid is just the best UNA template for a modern social network.

                          Its my mind: Lucid is a nice template for desktop websites, but i think Protean is better on mobiles and tablets ... on my site www.lapixi.comΒ  i use protean ... take a look i buld the themes by my own.Β 

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