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Add Content Icon in the toolbar


In Studio -> Navigation -> System -> Toolbar Member, I have enabled the ‘Add Content’ icon (the Plus icon) but unfortunately it doesn’t show in the toolbar bar in the front-end next to the Discussion, Notification, Search and Account icons. What am I missing?

I have read Alex T⚜️ here saying that the ‘Plus icon was moved to account popup to save some space in toolbar’. That’s nice and it makes sense on mobile but on desktop We have plenty of space.

Please, any help? Thanks!

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    • Hello OneEagle !

      Yes you set the right place for it. It should appear on every device. PM me, if you will meet another situation and what template do you use?

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      • Hi LeonidS. Thanks for the reply but I am afraid you didn't read me well. I already know where that menu item is placed (Navigation->System->Toolbar member menu area) as I have already mentinned it on my post above. The problem is when I enable it from the admin side, it doesn't show in the toolbar in the front-end next to the Discussion, Notification, Search and Account icons. I don't know whether it is a bug or not.

        Please. try to reproduce this problem here on UNA.io by enabling the 'Add Content' icon in Navigation->System->Toolbar member menu area, you will see that it doesn't work and you will see what I am talking about. Thanks.

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        • On a related subject, my + sign icon (to add content) no longer appears in the DROP-DOWN menu which is accessed by clicking the member name in the tool bar on the upper right of the screen. Yes, the + icon does appear in the toolbar menu. 

          Still, many users never figure it out, by the way...  So, I want it to also show in the drop-down menu when someone clicks on their own username. Then perhaps they will become more familiar with how the site works. 

          Thank you.

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          • Hi LeonidS , I have attached to this message the screenshot taken from the Protean Template so that you can have an idea of what I am talking about. Using Protean, when you enable the 'Add Content' menu icon in Navigation->System->Toolbar member menu area, it shows up in the front-end as you can see in the screenshot. But in Lucid, it doesn't show.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=5468&dpx=1&t=1634833673

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