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Messenger/Shout Box

Alex T⚜️ LeonidS 

  I have questions about the messenger/shout box. Is there anyway to fix them so they always show the last message at the bottom on both (messenger and shout box)? People never see the latest message cuz it's hiding down below the bottom. They have to scroll just to see if there is a new message there.
    And also in messenger, I had to make the text a little  larger (bunch of older farts that can't see like they used to) but in doing so we now can't see the numbered notifications for new messages on the left site.  Can something be done to the "new message numbered notifications" So it's always visible?

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    • Hello!

      About position in Messenger: by default if there is unread messages are exist in the talk, then scroll will be moved to the first unread message, otherwise to the bottom of the page.

      About notifications: I have checked your site and as far as I see counter in the top menu is working when member gets new messages.

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      • Thank you Alexey . On the notifications I was talking about on the messenger page. The numbers on the left side of the page. LeonidS already fixed that.

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