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Adding Badges to profiles

I made some badges in the Badges app and I'm not finding a way to place them. can someone please help me out on how to add them to a persons profile page as in the snippet below.

Thanks in advance.

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    • If you created Badges for the Persons App, you will see a "Set Badges" button in the menu when you view a person's Profile page.as Administrator.

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      • Humm. thanks but it doesn't seem to be working correctly. I did make the badges for the persons app but nothing on persons profiles.

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        • I will message you at cyclemadnessΒ 

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          • I found it. I had to switch the SET badges on in the actions menu. Thanks guys.

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            • LeonidS Alex T⚜️ On the badges, I made badges for persons, (Badges 1) I then switched them on in studio > navigation > menu > persons > view actions. Went to profiles and found Set Badges. Checked the box but nothing happens. They don't seem to be working. Am I doing something wrong? (Badges 2)

              Β I also noticed that it's not adding the badges to the profile pages like I expected but to the member icons on timeline. Β ("Badges 3").

              Β And I had to disable them cuz when one person posted to timeline it posted the same post 3 times. After disabling badges on profiles the timeline returned to normal.

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