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Profile Goes Back To Pending

I'm having an issue with manual approving accounts. Β Once I manually set account as "active" and the profile is email verified; once the user makes any change to their profile, the account goes back to "pending".

Any ideas why this is happening?

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    • Hello Devin Young !

      Please specify what values do you have in the:

      Studio->Settings->Account->Automatic account activation after creation


      Studio->Persons->Activate all persons automatically


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      • "Automatic account activation after creation" is unchecked. Β 

        "Activate all persons automatically" is set to "manual activation"

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        • Change the value for "Activate all persons automatically" to the "After editing only". It should help to avoid the drop to the pending status after the changes in the profile.

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          • That did it. Β Thank You for your continual assistance. Β Much appreciated.

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