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location information fields

I want to remove these two location information fields for the safety and privacy of my members. If anyone can help me thank you.


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    • I don't know your location so it might be different for you but I use these settings so to give a more general location rather than the exact physical location. Works out well for me.

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      • what I want is not to see the number field and the street field on this information, so that members do not fill in these two fields

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        • Maybe someone else can help you with that. I believe that would be a change in the core files.

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          • I also think, I don't want to make a mistake, hence my request

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            • Β if your not already aware... Β If you make changes to the core files there is a good chance that auto update may no longer work on your site and you would have to manually update your site to UNA 13 and so on.

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              • yes i know i was wondering if it was not possible to do it with a raw block. because I was able to do it for the visibility of certain things on the site

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                • Hello VMaz !

                  It is an integrated feature so it's possible to delete only with CSS / JS removal tricks, for example, try to add this one to your template mix:

                  .bx-form-input-location-street_number, .bx-form-input-location-street {

                  display: none;


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                  • thanks..

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