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Speed Optimiztion: Ultra-high level Caching and less Page loading structures.

meanwhile i was thinking...perhaps there's something una can do with the way we load pages...perhaps we can find a way to improve the caching system. For instance, i was able to explore "wowonder" platform...a great community but with general capability and less customization, more like a clone network but its immensely fast even on web. They use some kinda of high level caching that makes web browsing look very native, every thing moves at one click and as i see not everything requires loading, it just opens on click. i was thinking if only we could have this high level caching and speed on una page, it will be extremely great and it will improve mobile experience esp with una mobile app usage as browsing would be served almost native. Una is unique and a rare gem of social tech. Here, we have a strong supporting community base, something that most cms lacks..we only need more speed, ultra-high level caching system so users can have more native experience even on webview. Thank you Andrey Yasko Alex T⚜️ LeonidS and the rest una team.

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    • Another example to look at is how https://gab.com/ does it

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