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Field Validation On Sign-up Form (Real-time account, email and password)

Would it be possible for the UNA team to include a "Password Validator" in UNA 13?

We are noticing a high percentage of sign-up's (28.7%) not completing the sign-up process due to username and password requirements. 

When the a user completes the sign-up form and does not meet the system requirements on Submit, they are taken to a new page(See Screenshot below), it is here where we are seeing users abandon the sign-up process.

It would streamline the entire process if field validation took place while typing (like the reCAPTURE) and then only does the "SUBMIT" button activate. 

This will reduce then number of abandoned sign-ups.

Andrey Yasko Alex T⚜️ LeonidS  



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    • Agree this is a roadblock for a lot of users - please validate in real time and disable submit until password is acceptable as per the OP's suggestion

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      • @Alex T⚜️ any news on this request?

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        • Wow, that's almost a third. Not good. Some users will not know what a digit is, either. And most people HATE capcha. Yes, I know that part can be disabled.

          Can the following value in the form settings (developer) be changed to represent no upper or lowercase requirement and no numbers required:


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          • Hello @Canine Domesticus !

            Is it for the password field? Plz specify the exact list of your requirements there.

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            • If more than 1 in 4 are giving up on the sign up, this is a problem. For one thing, many folks in the USA do not realize that 'digit' means number. We are that poor in math, 37th in the world, in fact. So, the Polyglot mod can change this word to the word 'number'. Good.

              In the developer module, under FORMS - ACCOUNT MANAGER, we have the following in the Password settings


              But also, under SYSTEMS - ACCOUNT - CREATE ACCOUNT, this same Password value appears. Sooo.... Do both settings have to be adjusted or just the one in SYSTEMS?

              As an example, we are informed in ACCOUNTS - MANAGER that we could use: #^[A-Za-z0-9]{3,16}$#

              Why the tildes in one and the hashtags in the example? Which is it? I desire to simplify and use: #^[A-Za-z0-9]{3,16}$#

              I could not get it to work with or without the hashtags at the beginning and end. I cleared the UNA caches and browser cache also. No go. I'll keep experimenting... Hahaha.

              **** Update **** In Developer, in Forms, change the value in SYSTEMS ACCOUNTS - Not the identical regex value in ACCOUNTS MANAGER.

              A value with tildes seems to work fine: ~^[A-Za-z0-9]{4,16}$~ It should not be necessary to clear your caches.

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