According to JOT Server Instruction...
Install the latest stable Node js version (up to 6.x.x version)
Does it have to up to 6.x.x? Latest is 8.x.x will work?


root: '/folder/with/https/cert/files', <--- not clear
I see cert files in /etc/ssl/ and /home/domain.name/
I've tried both... JOT in my site not working. I seem to have same result on UNA site. What's going on?

  • Solved.

    I checked on my iPad Pro late tonight and JOT Messenger is working! I'm using Nodejs 6.x.x and proper input is root: '/home/domain.com/'.

    On my Linux Mint, built-in Firefox doesn't work. Uninstalled and installed using snap. Now working!

    • Hello!

      Yes, Jot Server should work with node js 8.x.x.

      About certificate: As  you may see in installation instructions https://github.com/unaio/jot-server, there are two mandatory certificate file names should be defined. It means you need you specify directory which contains these files. 

       /* If you have https servers (recommended) you need to fill 3 fields below */
           root: '/folder/with/https/cert/files',
           cert: 'myfilename.cert',
           key: 'myfilename.cert'
      • Thank you for clarification.

        Just reinstalled the server, this time with Nodejs 8.x.x with success.

        • The problem I had mentioned about Firefox... is because I had made an adjustment in about:config> media.peerconnection.enabled to false. Hence, no Jot!

          So, if anyone don't see Jot Messenger. Check your Firefox's about:config> media.peerconnection.enabled... value should be true!  :o)

          • can you explain where this is . and where i found them?
            cert: 'myfilename.cert' & key: 'myfilename.cert'

            • You can find the path of your keys in your vhost. On ubuntu in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/yoursite.conf

              cert: 'myfilename.cert' and 'myfilename.cert' must be in the filled directory.