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8bzqubr92rds2u7q2vtbtypjvka8jtb7.jpgAny support for the Streaming App? I am confused. I know we can only use two servers right now but why isn't the app already configured to those servers? The Oven Media Engine's site doesn't point to where to get an API key or secret key. Do they have an open server like Jitsi does? I tried to read the manual and as someone who only knows the basics in HTML code I am completely lost. There should be direct links to create the keys like most other sites have. I had hoped the configuration would be as easy as the Jitsi one was... I rented the app with the understanding that it would be simple to configure or at least have someone be able to provide the appropriate service to help fill it out. I've had it for almost a week now and still have no idea how to fill out the fields. I shouldn't have to be going from person to person trying to get help to configure an app. The renting part should have someone from UNA willing to help find the appropriate API and Secret keys and settings for us on UNA Cloud.

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    • Instructions are here - https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Streams

      On UNA Cloud we'll add support for streaming a bit later

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      • I thought Oven Engine Media was a server like Jitsi

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        • It's similar but Jitsi is more for video chat with multiple people participating and Over Engine Media is more for streaming/webinar style with one way (one presenter) video chat

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