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UNA Manual Upgrade

I'd like to upgrade my locally installed UNA by manually downloading the UNA patch files. Is there any way to do this?

my idea behind this is to try the upgraded version of UNA locally before pushing to the production version of the website.

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    • Sorry, no, it need to be installed using UNA Studio interface.

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      • @Alex T⚜️ how can I upgrade the local installation? I tried to add a key and secret to my UNA account, and added a new site with http://localhost/ but still can't get the upgrade button on the local installation.

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        • Hello @Scholar !

          If in your local UNA all requirements in the Dashboard are OK, then possibly, you need to configure etc/host to make the unique site name "looking like the real one". After this action, you need to generate a new key-secret pair for it and save it in the settings. Then try to check the upgrade appearances again.

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