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Module: Albums 13.0.0

The module Albums is not working. If someone create an album and u click in the timeline album on a picture, the Feed Item Preview is still empty, same happens with the Showcase Boxes on Homepage

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    • Thank you for the report - https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/3585

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      • I tried to make same edits from the commits on github, but still getting it, did notice my line numbers did not line up with the ones in there, is the file your editing an updated CSS file (I am on A2)? Removed the lines there that are red and ofcourse added the ones that were green, pretty straight forward. Just wondering, may be something edited elsewhere I do not see or will not see until next update. I figured I would give it a try since the commits on the profile photo/cover issues worked for my site :). I am sure by looking at the other interesting improvements I see that is why my simple edit did not work, but will when the next update comes out so you can disregard.

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        • Yes, it maybe some other dependant changes. Could you please try to reproduce it on https://ci.una.io/test/ - this is latest dev installation with all fixes applied.

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