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Custom Member's Page With Custom Fields

How do you create a page, add blocks, add fields in block that is only accessed by a specific member to store custom additional information to profile with out being seen on profile page. Similar to health record fields on custom page.

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    • Did you figure this out? I'd like to do the same..

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      • Hello @James Prince !

        May you please specify the part about "specific members". By what way it should regulate the access?

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        • Can one create an additional page to members profile page (globally) to add additional data that has privacy settings. Want to add fields to have something like a customer record/medical record for member as a client. Example: create a client page from a members profile where client specific information can be stored similar to a dated note that only the client can view as well as the one creating it. Currently using an opensource billing app to do it now but does not tie into profile in UNA site, Is there any thing on app store suitable to accomplish this?

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          • Well, the forms with the privacy fields will require additional coding especially when you need to affect the values from the user's choice about.

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