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Alot of issues after 13.0.0 A2

After 13.0.0 A2 my site is having a lot of issues. Links to Sounds in Timeline posts go to blank 500 error page. Same with some module links in Studio. Also links to Music, and Picture Contests. Still cannot see short videos by MSolutions, Customize Mod doesn't work... This new update is taking so long that I'm afraid my site will be completely broken by the time the actual 13 version is rolled out. I subscribed to the Stream Mod that isnt even fully functional for UNA Cloud which was the BIGGEST update I waited since 2019 for. I feel that even for everyone waiting for 13 update that when its rolled out will cause a lot of sites to not function right. I need alot of help on my site now that really shouldnt have been needed since all the mods I use have been updated to 13. I dont have a lot of people on my site which is why I volunteered for it to work on the bugs.... but there is wayyyy too many right now that my site needs alot of work just to maintain the standards it had at 12. Also we're still only at a little over halfway through to UNA 13 official release date. In the future I dont think having something this big to update is a good idea at all. I wanted my site to be fully customized, have streaming capabilities, and be an app by the final release of UNA 13. I dont want to present a rough version of my idea for my site for an app. Theres also a lot of stuff being added that isnt optional for us. Example: When a profile page is set to private people should not be able to see how many friends and followers in the INFO block when viewing videos, sounds, etc. Anyways I really need help restoring my site, getting mods to work, getting things functioning again

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